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Core Entertainment history

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Core Entertainment history:

Beginning of Core Entertainment. It was year 2007 or 2008 when I first created with my friend a pretty good game, we called ourselves PC Games Productions then ( PC comes from my and my friends name, my name Caupo and my friends name Peeter ). Unfortunally it was first and last game what we made like together, so I moved on my own and I though to make my own so called brand name, well then I called my games under C - Games Production, but I didn't figure out what C would stand for, so it was mysteriou to me and countless times what i though what would C stand for but still didn't got the fitting word for C. It was like this about a year or so, well then I started project "Through Struggle" during the game I started to think what C should stand for. I tried many names e.g Creation Games, Camper Games, Cold Games and so on, pretty lame, I think.
When I started to get close to Through Struggle version 1 then something popped to my head, " Core ". Then I tried to name Core Games, but I though that Core Entertainment should fit better. So I finished my first game under Core Entertainment name ( Through Struggle ). This is the Core Entertainment name history, how it begin and how it went. Thanks for reading Smile


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